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What the heck is a "Mini-zine"

What the heck is a mini-zine? Well, it's not quite a magazine and definitely not a newsletter. It started with us wanting to keep in touch with all of you in a way that isn't annoying and excessive (hello, newsletters - we're looking at you!). So, instead of some extensively boring newsletter filled with stuff you don't really care about, we created a mini-zine that will cover a couple of the week's biggest headlines including anything from fashion to fair trade and anything else we find inspiring. Also, new product features as we launch them. Simple as that! No nonsense, no clutter, no sales pitch.

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Mini-zine (minnie-zeen) n. - an electronic combination of a magazine and a newsletter.


Stuff we DON'T do:
-Sell your email address (come on, who does that??)
-Send you crap or nothing but advertisements (not cool!)
-Spam in any way! (didn't like it when it was food, and don't like it now!)