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what is TNH

TNH is:
TheNakedHippie is a "purposed brand" of statement tshirts. A purposed brand is a brand that stands for more than itself. TheNakedHippie is a brand of t-shirts that invests 100% of it's profits into micro loans that help people in developing countries support themselves and their families by starting or growing small shops, stands and sidewalk businesses.
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TheNakedHippie has a mindset that understands we all have an effect on the earth in a big way. All (yup, that's what we said, ALL) profits are invested using micro-loans in small business owners in developing countries. Additionally, every one of our organic tees you buy offsets water pollution by 3 gallons, supports global fair trade initiatives, and encourages crop rotation and sustainable farming.
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Profits from every tee you buy go to invest in people in developing countries through micro-loans. The micro-loans help them start and grow small fruit stands and sidewalk businesses. This allows them to provide for their family and encourage economic growth in their community. The loan is then paid back, we use part of it to grow and spread the word about what we do, and the rest we reinvest in other people in these poor countries. We are the only brand in the world whose success relies 100% on the people we help. Our success is their succes.
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how we work

How we're different from other "Social Businesses":
TNH completely embodies the idea of giving a man a fishing pole, rather than giving him a fish. Though giving him a fish is necessary for the immediate need (making sure he or she doesn't starve), we feel it's necessary to go a step further and give them the opportunity to stand on their own two feet and provide for themselves. A student at a business school recently created a diagram illustrating the different kinds of social business, and we loved it so much we decided to use it. Check it out:


*Artwork created by our good friend Diana Jannuzzi, check out her link here



More than a tshirt company, be remarkable.
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Our Management Team

adrien ceo TheNakedHippieAdrien -Founder & CEO

- Adrien combined his passion for helping others and 11 years of business experience to found The Naked Hippie. He has created a unique business model by investing 100% of TNH profits in microloans that are lent to small businesses that were started to help support the owner and their families. The Naked Hippie only makes profit after the loan has been repaid. Adrien's experience living and working in three countries has given him a unique view on business practices, marketing and design that lends itself to the overall goals of TNH.

erin CMO TheNakedHippieSam - COO

- Sam brings over 14 years of sales and strategic management experience to the TNH team. His career has taken him from his hometown of Madrid, Spain to Chicago, and currently Florida. Sam's relentless attention to detail and ability to quickly streamline processes make him perfect for managing production and micro-lending operations.

Jennifer Marketing Manager CanadaJennifer - Marketing Manager Canada

- With a Sociology, Criminal Justice & Public Policy background, Jennifer is the newest member of the TNH management team. She brings her passion and expertise in social network marketing and public relations to TheNakedHippie. Jennifer manages sales and marketing in Canada.

More than a tshirt company, be remarkable.
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