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"It's time to give a shit"

It's time we care what happens when we buy from brands. It's time we stop ignoring the impact our decisions have in exchange for convenience.

On May 1st 2013 more than 1,000 people died in a clothes factory in Bengladesh.

That's over 1,000 people whose lives could have been spared had it not been for negligence and lack of responsibility from the brands we use everyday.

"It's time we take responsibility"

That's why we're part of the #giveashit movement. Because we believe it's time give a shit and start expeting more from the brands we buy.

More than just a well marketed quality product.

More than celebrityendorsements and pretty models.

It's time we start to demand that the brands we use treat everyone they come in contact with as part of the human family.

"Demand more from your brands"


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let the world know you give a shit too.

What's our part?

We believe that poverty is one of the main reasons why big brands can get away with the abuse of their workers, so we're investing all our profits for June and July in India.

We're doing our part to put an end to low wages and even lower standards of living.

So support our mission by buying one of our tees or any other product from the many other socially minded companies who "give a shit" too.